Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia, a country best known for its tragic history had the most welcoming people of the continent if you ask me..

Many people will pop in for a day or two and discover the famous temples of Angkor Wat – but do yourself a favour and spend some more time here to explore the islands and the other cities.

Cambodia should not be an after through in South East Asia…

Cambodia Travel Basics:

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Cambodia Blog Posts

Meandering along the Mekong: Phnom Penh to Chau Doc by boat

Travelling from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc will reward you with lush rice fields, temples and floating villages. Details on boats, visas and hotels.
9th December 2020/by Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

Cambodian Genocide: The Killing Fields & S21 Prison

Cambodia is a country with a heartbreaking and recent history. The Killing Fields and S21 Prison now welcome tourists to try and understand this dark past It is not often I am reduced to tears in public, but here tragic history consumed me.
12th January 2016/by Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

24 Angkor Wat Photos to increase Wanderlust

Lets face it, when people say Cambodia you are probably already thinking of Angelina Jolie and Angkor Wat, right? I am going to let the pictures do the talking. 24 Awesome photos of Angkor Wat (except number 11)...
25th October 2015/by Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

Top Ten Things to do in Cambodia… With a twist

Cambodia, a magical land with so much to give. Of course, Angkor Wat will be at the top of any list but if you want to get to know real Khmer life and get beyond the typical tourist sights here are my Top Ten recommendations of things to do in Cambodia... with a helping hand!
24th October 2015/by Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

A date with Douk

Douk is a business owner in Siem Reap. Douk gave me gifts. Douk works like a trooper and tragically has no arms. A little lesson in judging 'beggars' and getting off your ass...
7th October 2015/by Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

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Cambodia Travel Guide
Cambodia Travel Guide
Angkor Wat Cambodia Travel Guide

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