Vietnam Agent Orange
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Agent Orange: The true face of Poverty in Vietnam?

Coming face to face with the ongoing damage from Agent Orange and similar in Vietnam was heartbreaking, yet, heartwarming as well. A story of bonding, coffee and understanding the start of my change in the world...
The West Bank
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Palestine: Jericho and the unexpected west bank

People drank coffee, tea or the locally brewed beer. Shop keepers laugh as they exchange banter with their customers. It was a normal day in the West Bank...
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Brain Hemorrhages and Bucketlists

“I was in a coma. 10% chance of making it. My memory was deemed gone.” - We throw around the word Bucketlist these days, but what happens when you get the second chance to write it? How does it lead you to the slums of Delhi?
Douk Siem Reap Cambodia
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A date with Douk

Douk is a business owner in Siem Reap. Douk gave me gifts. Douk works like a trooper and tragically has no arms. A little lesson in judging 'beggars' and getting off your ass...
Travel Tips
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Laos Journal: My name is 'Lucky'

"The darkness of her eyes seemed to give a little as she looked back and nodded, squinting against the sun behind me. No question of what or why. We began to play artists." Lucky. It's a word I never thought applied to me. Then I met Sabai.
Animals vs Tourist
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Animals vs Tourists: Responsible tourism

The thing is, I like to believe anyone wealthy or clever enough to book a ticket can also do a bit of research as to what animal cruelty is. Let me share with you why that elephant selfie or 'well behaved' big cat just ain't right.