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I’m a bit of a tech geek and in my previous life (the one where I had a home and not a backpack) I hoarded heaps of gadgets. Now space is limited, I only have a select few.

The iHere is a GPS tracker, usually used for finding keys but it is awesome for heaps of other purposes on the road…

Forget selfie sticks

My hate for Selfie sticks isn’t so much from the inevitable smack around the face they cause but the really bad photos that come from them.

The iHere is a great solution. It works as a little remote and is so discreet it won’t be showing up in any photos. I use my tripod/DSLR a lot to take ‘selfies’ but this is a super easy game changer. Rest the phone up and click the button. Tried and tested at the Dead Sea last week – it works up to 75 feet which is pretty impressive.


Find your keys/phone/bag/anything

Attach this little guy to anything and you can hit the button on your phone to be guided back together through the noise it emits. If you have the memory of a fish and regularly misplace your keys it’s gonna save you time but it’s come in handy on the road from finding my backpack at the bottom of a bus luggage compartment to giving me a little extra security if said bag goes missing as it will tell me the last place it was located.

It works both ways too, allowing you to click it and ring/find your phone. The alert sound will also come on if you get too far from your phone so you don’t leave it behind.

Record the moment

As a travel writer I carry a little notebook around to jot things down but it’s not always ideal to get it out. Turning on the voice recorder function on my phone means I can talk into the iHere and record quick voice notes for my poor memory to write-up later. I was on a tour last week and it allowed me to note down facts without writing/talking into my phone like a random idiot.

Get back to your car/hiking point/tent/drunken stumbling

The final touch is the option to click the button and save a location. They call this the ‘Car Finder’ on the app but so far it’s been my Tent finder, hotel finder and walking path finder. Basically, follow the arrow and get back to where you started.

Sure, the iPhone can manage most of this for you but who wants to be spending heaps on roaming charges when travelling. The iHere works off GPS so there is no need for an internet connection to make use of its features. Overall, its a great and affordable piece of quality kit – you can check out the iHere on Nonda’s website

Dead Sea

Thanks to Nonda for allowing me to try out their gadget. Opinions as always my own and this little tech is firmly in my backpack.

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