India Travel Guide

India was without a doubt the place I suffered culture shock the most.

It wasn’t until my second visit I truly warmed to it. The north and south vary as much as city to city. Whether you want nature, chaos or cultural over load you can find it all here.

To truly discover India give yourself multiple trips or a long, extended visit.

India Travel Basics:

What to see in Indonesia

Erm, Everything? Seriously, this county blows me away and after spending six months exploring it I still have so much left.

My personal favourites were Raja Ampat and Komodo – the sheer natural beauty, scuba diving and wildlife (think Mantas, Dragons and Dolphins) are beyond words. That said, I even managed to find a soft spot for Jakarta – undoubtedly one of the most slated cities in the travel blogging world.

Usual Suspects

Cultural Hub of Ubud, Bali

Mount Bromo, Java

Ijen Blue Fire Lake, Java

Beaches of Bali

Scuba Diving

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

The Gili Islands, Lombok

Luxury Living in Bali


Cultural Landscape of Bali Province

Borobudur and Prambanan, Yogyakarta

Komodo National Park

Lorentz National Park

Sangiran Early Man Site, Flores

Rainforests of Sumatra

Ujung Kulon National Park


Raja Ampat, West Papua

Flores Island Road Trip

Jellyfish Lake, Borneo

Orangutan in the Wild, Borneo

Islands of Sulawesi

Sumatra for Rhinos

Toraja Land, Sulawesi

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