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India was without a doubt the place I suffered culture shock the most.

It wasn’t until my second visit I truly warmed to it. The north and south vary as much as city to city. Whether you want nature, chaos or cultural over load you can find it all here.

To truly discover India give yourself multiple trips or a long, extended visit.

India Travel Basics:


What to see in Indonesia

Erm, Everything? Seriously, this county blows me away and after spending six months exploring it I still have so much left.

My personal favourites were Raja Ampat and Komodo – the sheer natural beauty, scuba diving and wildlife (think Mantas, Dragons and Dolphins) are beyond words. That said, I even managed to find a soft spot for Jakarta – undoubtedly one of the most slated cities in the travel blogging world.

Usual Suspects

Cultural Hub of Ubud, Bali

Mount Bromo, Java

Ijen Blue Fire Lake, Java

Beaches of Bali

Scuba Diving

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

The Gili Islands, Lombok

Luxury Living in Bali


Cultural Landscape of Bali Province

Borobudur and Prambanan, Yogyakarta

Komodo National Park

Lorentz National Park

Sangiran Early Man Site, Flores

Rainforests of Sumatra

Ujung Kulon National Park


Raja Ampat, West Papua

Flores Island Road Trip

Jellyfish Lake, Borneo

Orangutan in the Wild, Borneo

Islands of Sulawesi

Sumatra for Rhinos

Toraja Land, Sulawesi


Getting to Indonesia

Indonesia is well served by numerous international airports. Jakarta and Bali are great airports and the most popular but you can also fly into Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Aceh and Makassar as well as a few other international options.

Given the sheer size of the country trying to find the best airport to arrive into if you are already in Asia is a great idea.

Getting around Indonesia

Indonesia does not have the best rap sheet when it comes to safety and this applies to both boats and flying. Always try to take a safe, regulated boat with life jackets not the cheapest and before booking a local airline check the online safety rating to at least be informed.

Travelling between the islands is possible by various means. The country has a whole host of airlines and I have personally flown in Garuda (Good and serves god awful meat stuffed doughnuts), Air Asia (Cheap and Cheerful), Lion Air (The airline that managed to miss the landing strip in Bali and landed in the water, oh and they also hit a cow once), Trans Nusa and Batik Air (The last two, i’m not sure I would fly again)

As well as small motor boats and regular ferry connections between the islands the cheapest (and most awful or entertaining – depending on your view) way to travel is on the Pelni freighter boats which leave god knows when.

When in Indonesia, Uber is a pretty good bet to get around, GoJek is an Uber for Bike riding, Bemos are small little converted buses that you wave down on the side of the road and cram in and even the long distance trains are a good bet. The more remote you get, the harder it becomes and at this point sometimes getting a private driver (and awesome new buddy) is a pretty sweet idea!

Carry an international license when driving and have insurance – also be prepared for the odd unexpected and random ‘fine’.


The Language of Indonesia: Bahasa

Indonesia has a whole host of regional dialects and languages. Learning the basics here though will likely get you by throughout not only Indonesia but also much of Singapore and Malaysia.

Here are a few quick phrases to get you going and check our my favourite language apps on the link below to delve deeper.

Hello: Halo | Good Morning: Selamat Pagi | Good Evening: Selamat Malam

Please: Silahkan | Thank You: Terima kasih | Excuse Me: Permisi 

One: satu | Two: dua | Three: tiga

How Much?: berapa banyak | Do you have?: apakah kamu mempunyai


Current Exchange Rates for Indonesia

Exchange rates are constantly changing and as such, keeping them up to date here is impossible. You can however find the live exchange rate for Indonesia Rupiah on that link.

Always shop around when exchanging currency, especially when you are already abroad. If using an ATM be sure it has not been altered and aim to arrange an emergency credit card before you set off on a trip as a back up.

Exchanging Indonesia Rupiah

If you are looking to exchange money then Travelex are a pretty huge international brand, with either cash offices or various pre-paid card options. I keep their Cash Passport with me alongside my current account for its ease of re-loading and an emergency back up. Take a look at the products available in your country:


How Much Does Indonesia Cost

Indonesia is huge and varies from the developed tourist land of Bali to remote tropical islands with a population of less than 50. As such, please take the cost prices as a rough guide only.

Food: Meal for 1 Budget – 20k-40k IDR | Meal for 1 Upscale – 150k-200k IDR

Accommodation:  Double Room Budget – 120k IDR | Double Room Middle – 400K IDR | Double Room Luxury – 800k IDR +

Taxi (1 Mile) – 14k IDR | 1 Beer – 25k IDR | 1ltr Water – 5k IDR | Petrol/Gas 1ltr – 8k IDR


Travel Insurance

No matter where you are travelling, travel insurance is essential. Trust me, I have been mugged and lost all my gear and nearly my health – no matter how much you think something won’t go wrong it is not worth the risk.

I personally use Insure and Go as I find their premiums fantastic, however it is a mainly UK company. Another popular option that plenty of my frequent traveller friends use and recommend is World Nomads. Who ever you decided to book with, do it!

Visas and Travel Warnings

To find out the Visa Requirements and current travel advisories for Indonesia relevant to your home country, follow the links here to the official government websites.


For all other nationalities, please add your nationality in the box before ‘Citizen’ and hit enter to search…


Weather in Indonesia

Indonesia is vast, and as such has various different climates and weather cycles across its 17,000 islands. I have been sat dry on one Island before watching a tropical lightning storm happening on the next.

It remains a hot temperature much of the year around but also experiences a monsoon season. The best time to visit comes down to what you are looking for as well as the particular region you plan to explore.

When to Visit

Peak Season: When school holidays are on and everyone takes their summer breaks, June through to September can be really crowded and most accommodation prices more than double the off season.

Shoulder Season: Between April and June and September and October the crowds usually drop off and the prices too. Its likely the perfect time to visit.

Off Season: During November to March/April is when it rains the most for much of Indonesia, with Sumatra having a different pattern. Prices drop and I usually like to visit towards the end of the rainy season.

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