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Why you should visit Stockholm in Summer

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Updated: 14th January 2016

Stockholm in summer quickly moved into my top three places I could live list. This city rocks during summer and I know I need to give the other cities of Scandinavia a chance when the heavens aren’t pouring. But for now, let me tell you why you should dig deep into your pockets and head to the Swedish capital city this summer…

Stockholm Kayak

It is surprisingly green…

Stockholm knows nature. Cycling is in, grabbing a kayak down the river is game on and having a picnic in the park is a sure-fire way to cut your costs. During the summer months, this city comes alive and you kinda forget it’s a wealthy capital city as locals and tourists alike enjoy picnics, sports and those rays of sunshine they must really miss in the chilly winters.

Stockholm River ME

…and wet in all the right ways

Surrounded by water, crazy for canals and jumping on a boat to visit the mighty impressive Stockholm archipelago is a must. Mixing a world-class city of grand architecture with water and nature is a guaranteed win in the day and perfect when sunset comes around and it’s beer o’clock.


You’ll be buzzing off your tits

If I remember correctly, the Swedes drink around 4-5 cups of coffee a day each on average which means getting you caffeine fix is not only easy but serious business in this city. Whether you take it alfresco or in a stylish coffee shop that looks nothing like Ikea you’ll have plenty of energy for shooting those jump in the air Instagram shots.

The neighbourhoods rock

Get away from hotels and grab an Air BnB. The neighbourhoods around the city with their independent stores, awesome restaurants and own quirks are too good to be missed out on. I stayed over the river in Sodermalm and going down the private apartment route saved about 50% off an equivalent hotel.

The Swedes nail stylish

These guys have design running through their blood. Whether it’s the hippest chair in the most random of places or the 47 lightbulbs hanging over your dinner plate you can’t miss it. One of the most modern and funky cities I have visited, even coming back with heaps of cool junk to litter my desk with.

Museums that are actually interesting

Who wouldn’t love an Abba museum? Me, actually. But between the photography museum, modern art displays and the nautical history on offer you will be spoilt for choice to find a place to while away the hours between soaking up the streets of Stockholm.


Getting lost becomes your mission

Those little lanes! Stockholm in summer offers one major bonus to winter, you want to get lost. The old part of the city, Gamla Stan does cute cobbled streets and townhouses like no other. Hours of walking, getting your coffee fix and people watching await.

Stockholm Side Streets

It’s got royalty

I know a lot of people find royal families a bit of a bore but I love a good monarchy that sticks with tradition. The friendly guards and huge golden crowns are well worth a little check in on.


Festivals. And then some.

From Jazz to Rock and crazy children’s play parks, everything moves outside in summer including free (yep, they have that word in Sweden) music events right bang in the middle of the city. The nightlife here ain’t half bad either so you can keep those summer celebrations going well into the early hours, or at least until the coffee beans wear off.


It’s actually not that expensive…

I thought I would leave Stockholm broke. But actually, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, compared to most of the world it’s crazy expensive but the bonus of visiting Stockholm in summer is all that outside time doesn’t have to destroy your budget. Picnics alfresco, apartment rentals, wandering the streets and soaking up the free events saves plenty of the cash you would be spending on your 19th coffee and Herring combo of the day in the winter months.

So what are you waiting for? Getting booking a bargain flight to Stockholm in summer now…

4 replies
    • danflyingsolo says:

      It’s a truly fantastic city. I will be there as well, looking forward to your talk :) Safe journey over.

  1. Sheila says:

    Dan, I really enjoyed this insight into summer in Stockholm and I’m super jazzed about visiting there next summer! We have a month to explore there, so flying into Bergen, Norway and out of Copenhagen so we can explore there a bit, too. I’m pretty certain I’d have agreed with your take on those areas in winter.

    So, to answer your question about summer in EU. High on my list are several cities in Scotland! Love Edinburgh and Cruden Bay. Another area on the “must return with more time” list is the Mosel Valley in Germany. Sped thru there on the way from Antwerp to Luxembourg (liked your story!), then Riqueqihr, France. NOT the way to see it. Sheila

    • danflyingsolo says:

      Awesome, you will have a great time. Need to get back to Copenhagen and Bergen my self in the warmer months, look forward to seeing how your adventures go! Cruden Bay is a new one to me, must check it out and Mosel Valley) it looks stunning!

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