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Things to do in Dominica
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Things To Do in Dominica: Travel Guide & Trip Planning

Dominica is the Caribbean's magnificent wild isle. Here's what to do in Dominica, from whale watching and epic hikes, to remote beaches and waterfalls, plus some tips and insight for planning the perfect visit to Dominica.
Aerial view of St Josephs on Dominicas west coast with a small town alongside it
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Dominica, the Caribbean Eden Now Etched in My Heart

My Dominica journey was one of mangos and smiles, canyons and black sands, roaring waterfalls, rainbows and rainforests — welcome to the wild side of the Caribbean.
Waking up to views like this in Tajikistan was magical
Beach in Aruba
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Active or All-inclusive Caribbean? 5 Destinations for Every Kind of Traveller

Whether you’re planning an active Caribbean vacation or a romantic honeymoon, these five Caribbean destinations cover all bases.
A man stands in a green moss covered canyon taking a photo in Dominica
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Adventures in the Caribbean: Canyoning in Dominica

When you think of the Caribbean, you are more likely to think of cocktails than Canyoning and Rappelling, but Dominica is an adventure playground!