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Hong Kong Waterfront Travel Guide
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40 Best Travel Apps for 2024: Plan, Book, Tech, Tickets & More

Before your next trip, download some of these best travel apps to plan, book, organise, save money and, most importantly, improve your travel experience in 2024.
Using a phone and staying connected with the eSIM USA
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How To Get Unlimited Data in the States in Seconds: Holafly USA eSIM 

Looking for the best unlimited internet choice for travelling to the States? Discover the simple to setup prepaid eSIM USA from Holafly.
Dan Flying Solo
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Best Language Learning Apps for Your Phone

Sure, it's easy enough to get around most of the world speaking English but where is the fun in that? Here are some fantastic language learning apps to help.
Bosnia Herzegovina
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Holafly, the eSIM for travelling to Europe and avoiding roaming fees

Produced in partnership with HolaFly Sadly, the days of travelling with just a beat-up map and our gut instincts are long gone, and while it's still nice to dabble in some off the beaten path adventures in Europe or further afield, the digital…
Salamanca as seen from the river at blue hour
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Learn Spanish Online: 7 Ways To Study Spanish Without a Language School

There are countless reasons you might want to learn Spanish online rather than take classes. For some, it may be a matter of cost; for others, it could be simply wanting to master the basics for an upcoming trip, while many might just want…
The Indian River as seen from above with the mountains of Dominica in the background
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Nomadmania: The Traveller Club That Guides You to Places You’ve Never Heard Of

NomadMania was launched to encourage travel and to assist travellers in keeping track of their travels and to provide ideas and inspiration.
Bali Indonesia

12 Random Things You Should Pack for Long-Term Travel

When it comes to backpacking around the world, travelling light is always the end goal. These might not be the most obvious things to pack, but they are always with me on any trip.
Flying cheap
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How To Get Cheap Flights From the USA and UK Straight to Your Inbox

Cheap flights and return fare tickets can be snapped up at a steal thanks to a few hard working guys who bring you flight deals to your inbox