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How To Get Cheap Flights From the USA and UK Straight to Your Inbox

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Updated: 16th December 2018

It’s the most common question I get: how do you afford to travel so much, quickly followed by, how do you find cheap flights?

While it might seem like travel bloggers are spending thousands a month on flights, the reality is most of us know how to hunt down really affordable travel options. I’ve flown from London on the cheap to Milan – just £1 before – and once even flew to New Zealand for £600, half of that in business class. But what’s the secret? Hunting down good value tickets and being flexible.

While I’ve touted my love for finding bargain tickets to destinations on Skyscanner before, for those who don’t have the time or aren’t looking for complicated trips, straightforward return fare tickets can be snapped up at a steal. Thanks to a few hard working guys who are continually looking to bring you insane flight deals straight to your inbox, and today I want to shine a spotlight on those to help you also find cheap airfare.

(A heads up, right now these tools are only going to help my U.K./USA/Canada readers).

Cheap return flights from the USA and Canada – Cheap Fly Club

Okay okay, so we’ve got compensation covered – but how do you find those bargain deals without spending hours (like I sometimes do) changing around dates and researching airlines. Here we go…

Josh, the guy behind Cheap Fly Club, is on a mission to bring some of the best return flight deals direct to your inbox and the best thing is it won’t cost you a penny.

While there is a premium version of the club, which will bring you more regular deals to your inbox, people in the USA and Canada can sign up for the free version and start recovering Josh’s cheap flight updates straight away.

Although I’m in the U.K., I signed up to the subscription to see the kind of offers that are coming out of Cheap Fly Club. For example, when I visit the USA and South America next year, it’s actually been cheaper to book returns London to LA and then another return LA to Mexico, which I spotted on Cheap Fly Club.

Over the past month, some of the deals I’ve seen in my inbox with just the free subscription include:

– Costa Rica from $200

– Rome from $300

Málaga, Spain from $360

– Berlin from $360

All of these are from various airports across the country, so it’s worth signing up no matter where you are located in Canada and the USA.

While you, of course, you could find these deals yourself, I know all too well how time-consuming hunting down some of these secret deals is. As someone who wastes hours keeping my costs down, it’s convenient to have someone else do the research so you can just step in and hit the book button.

Even if you aren’t planning to travel soon, the weekly free deals are well worth signing up for here to see if anything takes your interest.

For those who vacation a bit more regularly, the premium membership starts at $3 a month or $24 a year. If you can save $400 for example on a flight, that investment is minimal in comparison, so for the more jet-setting among us, it’s certainly worth looking into.

Cheap return flights from the U.K. – Jack Flight Club

Perhaps the original, and best flight club for those in the U.K. – Jack has been hunting out these deals for years.

Similar to Cheap Fly Club, Jacks Flight Club offers both a free and premium subscription, and you can sign up for either one on the website.

I’ve been a member of Jacks Flight Club for a while now, but having recently moved back to Europe I have only just managed to make use of these crazy deals myself.

What I really love about this subscription is there is a whole wide range of flight routes that Jack covers. Both long haul and Europe weekend breaks are in the emails, but Jack also lists out some amazing multi-stop trips as well, and this is just with the free membership.

For example, recently a route from London to Singapore to Australia and return via Jakarta, came through on the email for just over £600 which is a mental deal and the savings alone would pay for a premium subscription countless times over.


A few other awesome deals that came through on recent emails are:

– London & Manchester to Barbados in £300s return

– London & Manchester to Cuba in £300s return from

– London to Australia with stopovers in Dubai or Singapore stopovers around £660

– London, Manchester, Edinburgh to NYC & USA in £200s return

Jack covers nearly all the UK airports to find the deals, so you don’t have to just get tickets alerts from main hubs.

The Premium subscription offers up between 7-10 weekly emails, and also includes weekend trips in Europe, sometimes last minute and as cheap as £20 return, and at £35 a year I think it is especially good value.

I got fortunate here as I had booked return flights to South Africa for £600 and then the next day got an alert for £300 from Jack. As I’d booked with KLM, who offer a 24 hour cancellation policy, I was able to save some serious cash. Annoyingly, I didn’t have the Premium membership so missed out on a crazy deal to Japan that week, and now can’t find anything close to that price, all coming in about £300 more.

Hopefully, these flight clubs and refund resources are helpful to you, but if you really want to spend hours hunting yourself, my cheap flight tips may also come in handy.

Have any more excellent tips and tools for finding those elusive bargain flights? Let me know in the comments and safe travels!

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