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Hong Kong Waterfront Travel Guide
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The 29 Best Travel Apps in 2019 for iPhone and Android

From pollen counts to star gazing, our phones can pretty much do anything these days. Here's what I have on my handset for the year to come...
Dan Flying Solo
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Best Language Apps for your phone

Sure, it's easy enough to get around most of the world speaking English but where is the fun in that? Do you really want to be the typical tourist just saying it louder and slower. Here are some great, free and easy to use phone apps to learn foreign languages in your pocket.
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Forget selfie sticks and losing stuff with the iHere

I’m a bit of a tech geek and in my previous life (the one where I had a home and not a backpack) I hoarded heaps of gadgets. The iHere is a GPS tracker, usually used for finding keys. Given I have no home so no permanent keys it’s also awesome for heaps of other stuff on the road...