Raja Ampat photography
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Ten breathtaking places you should visit in 2017

I know I know, #Wanderlust & Bucketlist - we hear it every day. But I promise you that these ten places are gonna steal your heart. Trust me...
Nice Cannes Monaco
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Cannes to Monaco on the flip of a coin

Two days in Nice, that was what I had planned. A flip of a coin quickly changed that. Gambling, Helicopters and another country later...
Lake Bled Slovenia
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Lake Bled Slovenia: Europe's not so secret Gem

Lake Bled in Slovenia is no longer a secret but is still a perfect day trip from Ljubljana. Mountains, castles and nature - a real Europe must see.
Warsaw Budget Weekends

£100 Challenge: Warsaw budget Weekends

Accommodation, transport and everything else all in for a £100. That was this years challenge. How far did it go on a Warsaw budget weekend though?
Budget Amsterdam

£100 Challenge: Amsterdam on a Budget

Accommodation, flights, food and everything else all in for £100 was this years challenge. Is this mission impossible at Christmas? What did I cash out with from my Amsterdam on a budget Weekend?
Visit Belgrade Serbia
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Reasons to visit Serbia: Things to do in Belgrade

Haven't been to Belgrade the capital of Serbia? NO! What are you waiting for? This is one electric city break ready and waiting...
Ljubljana in Slovenia
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Ljubljana: The cutest capital city...

Move on over Amsterdam. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is moving in with canal charm and cute coffee shops. Get there pronto...