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Reasons to visit Trentino: my favourite Italian region you need to discover

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Updated: 19th May 2020


Now, I know the title of this article is a big claim – and perhaps Sicily has since taken my top spot – but Trentino as a region truly did blow me away. I fell in love with Venice multiple times many years ago, adored visiting Cinque Terre in the quieter winter months and have blissfully got lost in the likes of Rome, Florence, Tuscany and more recently, Emilia Romagna.

But Trentino was something different entirely. Unlike cities like Milan or Rome, where you battle through crowds no matter what time of year, Trentino provides all the magic, passion and charm of Italy but with space to breathe, relax and rejuvenate. I returned from my visit to Trento, the perfectly sized capital of the region and the lakes of Valsugana feeling refreshed and utterly obsessed.

Let me tell you why Trentino is a region you need on your radar!

Trento is the perfect sized city break

The capital city of the region, Trento is a perfectly sized city break. It won’t exhaust you like a weekend in Rome, as there aren’t so many things to do in Trento. Yet, it still provides ample opportunity to experience the best of Italy; culture, art, food, more food and that relaxed vibe that makes Italy so unique.

The cobbled streets of the city were spotless, a far cry from some of the filthier areas of the larger Italian cities, while the impressive Buonconsiglio Castle, galleries and outside frescos provide enough culture without being overwhelming. Over a weekend I could walk the streets with no rush to be anywhere, turning down little alleyways, grabbing drinks in the main square under the impressive cathedral and just enjoy being in a city where the locals seemed as excited to be there as I did.

Watersport lovers are spoilt

With intense winds throughout the year thanks to the mountain ranges and the numerous lakes throughout Trentino, it is a haven for water sports lovers. That said, the wind is not everywhere throughout the region and seems to be where you want it to be magically; fear not, it won’t affect lazy days sun lounging.

From stand up paddle boarding on Lake Levico with Oz SUP to water skiing with a world champion, the lazy to the adventurous can get their kick on the waters here. Kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skis; they all are easily accessible at one of the many lakes, especially in the Valusgana region.

Mountains full of hidden gems

Trentino is billed as the ‘sunny side of the Alps’ thanks to its great weather and the imposing ranges in the region. While the Dolomites are of course the most famous and majestic, the pre-alp mountains are less challenging to explore and also impressive.

Trentino makes full use of the spectacle of its mountains by hosting incredible concerts in the open-air spaces where classical musicians turn sunrises into breathtaking magic through their performances.

With a whole plethora of events in Trentino hosted in these mountains throughout the year, don’t be surprised to stumble upon some hidden gems as you venture to higher grounds.

Lakes that will blow your mind

Lake Garda might be the most famous of the Trentino regions lakes, and Garda is actually split between three different regions, with the northern tip, the best for watersports, being the part that is in Trentino.

Nearly 300 lakes make up Trentino, so you can easily find your perfect place to kick back and relax. From perfectly still reflections of towering mountains to wave-ridden waters for the adventurous, the lakes are the ideal place to escape to for a long weekend.

I was amazed to find out that numerous lakes had been awarded the blue flag award for beach and water quality, something I had assumed was just reserved for beautiful beaches. Once you see the clear cleanliness of the lakes and the families relaxing on the beachside shores though, you’ll quickly see why this region deserves these accolades. I stayed in the Valsugana region for my lake-side escape and it was the perfect getaway.

Monasteries in the mountains

A pretty unique reason to visit Trentino is the St Romedius Shrine. The fantastic hike up here, through overhanging cliffs that get higher and higher, will bring you to a dense forest, as you climb the final stairs the Shrine appears amongst the trees, its imposing design suddenly revealing itself.

The unique design of this Shrine is because it’s various parts come from different stages of history and are combined, with some of the relics dating back to the 12th century! It’s a beautiful area to continue hiking around, and with plenty of trees cover to keep you fresh.

Glacier lakes reflecting like mirrors

While the lakes of Valsugana are spectacular and fantastic for watersports, and the part of Lake Garda that belongs to Trentino the same, Lake Tovel is another reason to visit Trentino.

Located in the mountains, Lake Tovel is a bit of a detour, but if we’re being honest, that’s what makes road trips in Italy so rewarding. And it’s certainly more than worth it, as when you arrive at the water’s edge, you’ll feel like you have crossed to Canada.

If it’s flat and without wind, this near mirror-like lake – reflecting the alpine trees and with various shades of green and blue – is more than just a peaceful escape. Walk around it, or sleep in a lodge; however you visit, you’ll fall in love with the natural setting!

Wine tasting with a special story

At Cantina Romanese, you can enjoy a very special wine tasting, just a short drive from Lake Levico. In fact, some of their wines are actually aged in the lake, stored at the bottom for temperature control, and then scuba divers bring it back up when it is ready for consumption. Pretty amazing eh?

The vineyard and home are lovely, and the tasting will be fantastic, especially with Trento Doc, the local sparkling wine on the menu.

Secondly, it’s a family business continued by Andrea and Giorgio to honour the grapes and work of their father. One of their wines is named Gabriella, in honour of their mother, and the label of the wine is embossed with an image of her. Their grandfather sadly lost his sight before Gabriella was born, and so could never see what his daughter looked like – this bottle allows anyone with sight limitations to trace Gabriella and ‘see’ her through the design of the bottle — highly recommended!

Star gazing in the mountains

The region of Trentino is celebrated for its stargazing, especially in the remote mountains where minimal light pollution exists.

There are also a few dedicated observatories across the region, like the snazzy silver Terrazza Delle Stelle which I visited. Inside, a huge telescope will help you not see just the stars and planets, but learn about them, although you’ll need to make arrangements to visit in advance with an official guide.

Castle Hopping

There are plenty of castles across the Trentino region, especially in Valsgana and Val di Non. Some of the stand out ones for me include Castle Thun, which sits impressively with mountains in the background, and Castle Valer, surrounded by apple trees and still family-owned. In fact, when you book a visit, you might even have the count of the castle show you around personally.

Other worthy castles to mention are Castel Pergine, with its decadent restaurant, lovely internal gardens and the opportunity to stay the night, and Castel Ivano, where you can enjoy a wine tasting from the cellar of wine produced here.

Outside art with a twist in Salle Artee

An outside art exhibition which is at one with nature, the Salle Artee is another excellent reason to visit Trentino.

This beautiful space and gardens, decorated with carefully crafted artwork, from wood, metals and using trees and nature itself are split into two sections, and you can cycle here if you fancy it, and get between the two locations that way. E-bikes are preferred, given the mountain route!

Food and drink with a local twist

The food in Trentino, as in the whole country, is a good enough reason alone to visit this region. Italian traditional dishes are served up alongside local delicacies, many influenced by nearby Austria. Canederli are a type of bread dumpling, but more similar to gnocchi, which you shouldn’t miss and it goes without saying, GET ALL THE GELATO!

The region also has a vast range of craft beers and wines, with Ferrari being the most famous sparkling of them all but I took quite a fancy to the white wine of Müller which is a must try.

Art and architecture

No trip to Italy would be complete without indulging in your cultural side, and Trentino is no exception.

As well as the great galleries in Trento which have both modern, rotating collections and more traditional pieces, the streets of the city are littered with Frescos that make it feel like an outside museum.

Castles such as Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento which doubles up as an impressive art museum through to the ruins of Castello Arco, perched on a cliff, provide more refined architecture while the colourful facades of buildings, statues and fountains complete the Italian city architecture list.

Museums and attractions that aren’t boring

The MUSE museum in Trento takes you on a journey through the region and with interactive displays and a tropical rainforest this is a museum I could actually get excited about. I’m not a huge museum fan, but I spent hours here learning about DNA tests, extinct species, playing with displays that were likely for kids but helped me understand eco-systems in the mountains and marvel at the rainforest room which must feel like a sauna escape when the snow falls.

Of course, the galleries and castles I mentioned earlier fall into this list, but outside-attractions such as L’Orrido di Ponte Alto, a recently reopened gorge and one of the oldest hydraulica powers in the world will mesmerise you from the ancient bridge before standing behind the sheer power of water as it tumbles down. Amazingly, this is also another of Trentino’s many captivating outside music performance spaces.

Admire the apples of Val di Non

Val di Non literally translates to the Valley of Nothing, but that’s a lie, as it is completely packed with apples! When we first arrived, I thought I was staring at vineyards, but the terraced hills are actually apples.

The Melinda Apple experience near Castle Thun deserves a look in, with the all-encompassing 360 video room showing an incredible overview of the underground caves inside the Dolomites. Now, these caves house apple storage all year round, using natures temperature cooling system. It was quite cool to see inside, although it’s only on exceptional occasions you can actually visit inside the cave storage system.

Boutique hotels with beautiful views

On my three visits to Trentino, I’ve never been disappointed with my accommodation. Clean, well-kept rooms with the environment in mind seem to be the norm here, but it’s the epic views that will have you hooked.

Hotel Viridis is a fantastic place to stay in Val di Non, with most of the rooms and the restaurant overlooking mountains, river and green apple trees.

In Trento itself, the Heart of Trento B&B offers fantastic boutique rooms, with a roof terrace and hot tub, and an all-glass top floor lounge to admire the city from.

Other notable places to stay are Hotel Villa Degli Orti, which is in Borgo Valsugana, one of Italy’s most beautiful towns, a family-run small guesthouse with delightful rooms and a lovely view from the front, and Hotel Margherita Rumo, high in the mountains and with a more Austrian style vibe, complete with a beautiful spa and a fantastic restaurant for Italian/Austrian style dishes.

For something really special, book a night in Castel Pergine, and stay in an actual castle – what an awesome reason to visit Trentino. I hope you love it as much as I did!

Fresh mountain air hiking and cycling

One of the most exceptional things about Trentino for me was even in Trento the fresh mountain air was obvious. If you have lived in large cities, you’ll know the one, where you can smell something but you don’t know what it is, and then you realise it’s just what nature should smell like.

I think this is why the region is such a popular hiking and cycling escape for so many Dutch visitors who, I can only imagine haven’t been sharing it’s charm as they don’t want the secret out! Countless paths criss-cross the region for mountain bikers and extreme hikers through to gentle slopes and leisurely walks for those who want to take their Trentino weekend at a slower pace.

Hiking and Wine Tasting between Lasino and Pergolese

A shady and pleasant hike through a forested area will take you from Lasino, up past a little historic church, and with great views over the valleys, before coming back down to be rewarded with more Trento Doc.

On the other side, you’ll find Azienda Agricola Fratelli Pisoni, where wine tastings can be enjoyed in the leafy garden, and nearby an agritourism if you fancy staying the night.

Trentino Guest Card

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that if you book more than two nights accommodation in Trentino with a partner hotel, the Trentino Guest Card is included in the price. Providing regional transport on the buses and trains, access to many attractions and discounts to a selection of businesses it can help to reduce the cost of your Trentino escape.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with this region and I know I have only just scratched the surface of it but if you want to know more about planning your trip, check out my articles on Trento as a weekend getaway or learn more about the lakes of Valsugana. Trust me, Trentino is well worth a window on your busy travel schedule!

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  1. Bob Leonardi says:

    Hi Dan, loved you article. I’ve been in Trentino probably 16-17 times in my life. To me there is no other place to visit and to be. Of course it is The Land of my Heritage, Val di Non in particular, the place where most of my cousins live. I’ve noted my website where I have posted photos of Val di Non and several other areas. I am taking that site down in the next few months and I eventually will include those photos on my Facebook page Val di Non – Trentino.

    Bob Leonardi

  2. MyLine says:

    Imagine. The pleasure of enjoying nature at a slow pace. The beauty of reconnecting with the true sense of time, among woods, lakes, and valleys. Imagine finding well-being and balance, through a serene walk in the mountains, a swim in a pristine alpine lake or just relaxing in front of a sparkling glass of Trentodoc. This is Trentino: a mix of nature, culture, and traditions, in the heart of the Italian Alps, between the blue of Lake Garda and the grandeur of the Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site.

  3. BGS says:

    Hello there Dan!

    Expectation you’re acceptable during this insane time.

    Simply needed to state the amount we appreciated this post on Trentino-not some place we’re excessively acquainted with. As sharp climbers we’re continually searching for an incredible end of the week escape out of London and this would be great. Nature, mansions and a cascade I see, every enormous tick in our book :)

  4. Beck & Dan says:

    Hi Dan!
    Hope you’re good during this crazy time.
    Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed this post on Trentino- not somewhere we’re overly familiar with. As keen hikers we’re always looking for a great weekend getaway out of London and this would be perfect. Nature, castles and a waterfall I see, all big ticks in our book :)
    Of course we’re currently weathering the pandemic in Sydney, but hey, it’s always good to have plans, especially when it comes to travel! We’ll definitely be keeping this one up our sleeve for when we return to the UK.
    So big thanks!
    Dan & Beck

    • Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo) says:

      Thanks so much Beck and Dan – It’s an awesome place to visit, you get the best of Italy but away from the crowds!
      Sydney certainly doesn’t sound the worst place to be, as things are slowly opening there a bit quicker than else where from what I’ve seen.
      Stay safe!

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