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Dan Flying Solo


Berat Albania Travel Guide

Is Berat, Albania the Balkans cutest city?

'Our guest house is in the Castle' I slowly repeated to the police man again. He wagged his finger at me, waved his hands around in the air like a snake and then grinned like a big kid. We would learn that translated to 'Move your god damn car...'

Day trips from Paris, France: Caen & Bayeux

Castles, Crepes and Wine Weekends: Exploring Caen & Bayeux in France

The north of France is full of history with Caen and Bayeux being no exception. An easy day trip from Paris, or stop over night to visit the famous tapestry and castle of William the Conqueror. Unless you get distracted by wine and cheese...

Weekend Guide to Stockholm

Spontaneity Guide: Stockholm weekend itinerary without breaking the bank…

Stockholm in summer is a city known for its sky high prices but it does not need to cost a bomb. Get creative and you can enjoy one of my favourite cities without breaking the bank. From Kayaks to Ice Bars its time for a last minute trip...



Thanks for swinging by my little spot on the WWW. I’ve been travelling full time for the past two years as a photographer and I think it’s fair to say I am an addict, 47 countries and counting and not looking to slow down any time soon!

Whether you are after travel tips, ways to save money, factual destination guides or stories from the road I am to share the best of the world here for you to get your next dose of travel inspiration. From shoot outs and samba lessons in the Favelas of Rio, learning to love Bali like a local or trekking Glaciers in Iceland, I want to help you make the most of any trip. Say hey on Instagram or throw me a Skype if you want help to hash out some plans…

I love to put people before places, emotion and experiences above things, search out stories and try and promote social good in this world. Hopefully catch you for a beer on the road sometime soon!




Brain Hemorrhages and Bucketlists

“I was in a coma. 10% chance of making it. My memory was deemed gone.” - We throw around the word Bucketlist these days, but what happens when you get the second chance to write it? How does it lead you to the slums of Delhi?

Understanding Agent Orange in Vietnam

The true face of Poverty in Vietnam?

Coming face to face with the ongoing damage from Agent Orange and similar in Vietnam was heartbreaking, yet, heartwarming as well. A story of bonding, coffee and understanding the start of my change in the world...

Travel Writing Responsible Tourism

Laos Journal: My name is ‘Lucky’

"The darkness of her eyes seemed to give a little as she looked back and nodded, squinting against the sun behind me. No question of what or why. We began to play artists."

Lucky. It's a word I never thought applied to me. Then I met Sabai.



A photo should tell a story, or even better than that, make you book a ticket!
A couple of years ago I packed in my Hospitality job and spent the next year teaching myself the one thing I enjoyed the most – Photography. I love being able to capture the little details on the road along with the awesome landscapes and places we travel too.
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