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Hey! I’m Dan. Obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people (and goats) and getting as lost as possible with my camera, and this year you’re in charge. I’m on a mission to say yes and I try to bust any myths & fears you have about travel.

Last September, confused AF about what to do with my life I threw a question out there to my Instagram followers: Which country should I move to? New Zealand came out victorious, so on NYE I jumped on a flight from London and moved to the other side of the world.

Month 1: Where should I travel in 2017?

Money and safety, the two biggest fears that put people off travel. Is Iran safe to travel to? Can you do paradise islands on a budget? You decide where, I’ll go and report back…

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A photo should tell a story, or even better than that, make you book a ticket!

A couple of years ago I packed in my Hospitality job and spent the next year teaching myself the one thing I enjoyed the most – Photography. I love being able to capture the little details on the road along with the awesome landscapes and places we travel too.

Find the latest photo essays here or check out all the photo essays and tips. Looking for my professional portfolio site?


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Mount Bromo Sunrise

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Cinque Terre

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